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Step 4: Applying Environment Mapping to Entities

Now that your new environment map is in anoxdata/graphics/env/, we need to apply them to some entities. Simply add to an entity the key "envmap" and the value "basename" where basename is the basename of your environmental map.

For example, if you created the two environmental textures blue_ft.png and blue_bk.png, the basename is therefore blue and you would have something like this in your map file:

// entity 1  layer 000
"classname" "mys_white_torus2"
"origin" "-253 -1 109"
"newscaling" "1"
"sequence" "667:3"
"envmap" "blue"

You can add this key/value pair through any of the established methods of modifying entities in Anachronox: through NoxDroppings, through IONRadiant, or some direct map-modification tool (notepad and others). See the documentation for each of these on how to add or modify entity key/value pairs.

Compile the map, load it up, and it should be there!

Final Notes

Right now, setting the environment map for an entity is not supported by Planet scripting or APE scripting. If you want a script to access a reflective object, you need to grab an object that is already in a level that has the envmap key set. Since we want reflective objects for mystech effects, support for these tools is planned in the near future.

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