Planet Introduction

Planet Tutorials originally written by Jake 'Strider' Hughes and SevenCubed, 08/2001.
Updated by 343 then again by Josh
Most of this documentation has been completly unchanged with this release. These guys did very well in documenting Planet. I have changed and or added a few tidbits.
     - Creaper 2005

Now, I know you wanna jump right in, but it takes a long time to learn Planet. If this tutorial seems simple, well, it is. It's meant to be dumb friendly. Planet is very complex. Take it slow, and you'll have a lot of fun being a director. There are few limitations to Planet, but I've found that most of the limitations have been my imagination.

Have fun.
     -Jake Strider Hughes

Now I get to write MY bit. These tutorials are transcribed from a tutorial that Jake began almost two years ago, as of writing. It's the tutorial that I began to learn Planet from, and should prove equally useful to the community. Now, Planet's changed Dramatically since the docs were originally written, but that's okay, since Jake never finished 'em. I'll do my best to go through enough to get it started, update it where necissary, and write the things Jake never got around to. Keep in mind: The BEST reference you've got for learning Planet scripts is the pile of scripts that shipped with Anachronox. We may Never document every feature of Planet, so don't be shy about loading scripts and trying to see how we did it.

Well, enough Gum Flappin'. Let's get down to Brass Tacks.

Well, Shoot. Back again. I think this should cover everything. I forgot how much stuff is in there. And battle scripting alone. YIKES!

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