Tutorial 37: Dumping Targa Sequences

So you’ve finished a scene and wish to make an avi of it.
You will need a program like Adobe Premiere or After effects.
Anox can render out a targa sequence for you. 30 screenshots a second. DO YOU HAVE THE HARD DRIVE SPACE!?!?!?

Remember that your screen resolution determines how Large the screenshot render is.
I render them at out gl_mode 4 which becomes a 720x480 screenshot, which is TV standard. Each screen will be about 1.4 megs.

Gl_mode 4 makes 640x400 at .9 megs.

So load up your map that the scene is in.
Exec trailer.cfg
U & I toggles between drawing text and NOT drawing text.
Type your command
ui_playscene render_this_scene
and when it starts, hit ‘j
and step back and watch your hard drive fill up.
Hit ‘k’ when it is done.

Picture is done.

The Travico has had some success running windows media recorder, then running Anox and then running the scene, capturing the audio in real time.

Now run premiere and import the targa (.tga) sequence. Now bring in the audio file and sync it up. Render out an .avi.

Wonderful thing!