Tutorial 34: Using APE to Call Scenes

APE does a lot. There may are may not be documentation for it. But here are some APE commands to call cines.

Lets say you click on a person or a switch that starts a cine. The switch has a sequence number of 14:2301

The APE window will look like this

#switch 14:2301
playscene grumpos_scene1.s

If you wanted to play the scene manually from the console just type
ui_playscene grumpos_scene1.s

When the cine is done, the camera will come to rest behind the main character. So try and put the camera near where the main character is (so it doesnít cut through walls).

You can also play ambients that DO NOT HAVE A CAMERA, just make sure you arenít link any of the main party characters.

#switch 14:2301
playambient sunstrip_floataccident.s

or from the console
ui_ playambient sunstrip_floataccident.s