a3model command

a3model [model path]
a3model clear
a3model clearall

This is a console command tutorial. Sometimes its handy to see the actual model on the path while editing for very specific placement.

Make a complex path, consiting of about 8 nodes, be sure to have roll, AND a focus point.
With a -cmd line of

Play the script.

Now make sure your selector is ON THE EXACT CUBIC PATH. NOT the -cmd path.
Bring down the console with ~
a3model models\cine\bootscar.md2

Now look at your path, you should have boots car on the path. Now slide the cursor over the timeline and watch how the car moves.

If you hit t or g the model will freeze in the position left and will not move again until you select that path again.

To remove the model, goto that selected path and bring down the console and type
a3model clear

To remove all models type
a3model clearall