(Facial) Morphs on entites

MORPHMODEX=[morphchannel, speed, forward/reverse(1,0), value(how far the morph goes)]

There are many actors in anox. They each have 18 facial morphs.
Each morph is a picture of a different face position.
The first 9 are reserved for the mouth speech morph phonemes. 10-13 are face morphs and 14-17 are eye morphs.

Each morph is considered a channel.

10 - smirk
11 - happy
12 - sad
13 - angry

14 - smirk
15 - happy
16 - sad
17 - angry

put character_boots on a path
at 2.0 put a -cmd node

Play this and look at his face. The 10 channel is his face. To play it faster


Now if the look is too extreme you can tone it down, by picking a value less than 1.

put a -cmd node at 6.0

Play this. This will return his face back to normal. Now replace that with

Play this. Notice the Jump. Make sure you use the same value as when you put it in the first morphchannel, in this case .5

NOTE: For LINKED entities you MUST return the faces back to normal (Like Smart Animate) otherwise those faces will stay on the characters. (I did this in the Whitendon intro, and Boots walked around all of Whitendon with this big smile on his face. Dumb)

Try the other channels.

You can add face Morphs WHILE DIALOGUE IS PLAYING. BUT… you CANNOT use FACE morphs… ONLY EYE morphs. Other wise the mouth will get confused and play a combination of the 2…. Making some real weird faces. UNLESS You could try experimenting with face morphs and see if you get a specific look.

Put character_stiletto on a path
at 2.0 put a -cmd node
at 2.5 put a -cmd node
at 3.5 put a -cmd node
at 3.5 put a -cmd node

play this. Neat! These are EYE morphs to work in conjunction with dialogue.

KEEP TRACK of your morphs!!!