Moving entites , Rolling & Scaling.

Change the -cmd node on cubic 2 to read:

Drop a second node away from the first node on cubic 2. Play script. Watch the automap move.

He might do something weird at the beginning. If the entity does NOT have a focus path that it is looking at, it will move forward in the direction of the spline. Drop a bunch more nodes. Watch script.

Does your camera still move away from the automap? A POWERFUL thing to use is F7. this plays the script without any camera. USE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! (if the script is short, be sure the yellow line on the timeline is near the beginning, so you can see the whole thing)

Now lets give it a focus. Move to the -focus path of the automap, hit ctrl. Have it look at a new path.

NOTE: I LIKE TO PAIR UP MY PATHS. CAM 1 & CAM 1 FOCUS on paths 1 & 2, AUTOMAP on 3 & AUTOMAP focus on 4. If you didn’t that is fine, it’s just the method I like to use for easy organization.

Drop some nodes on this new focus path (Did you label it???). Now play the script, notice the automap changing it’s focus.

Now lets give it some ROLL.

Move to the -roll path in the automap section. Drop some nodes with CTRL. Select one, and hit ‘1’ to change its’ value. Be sure to look at the velocity graph. Play the script. Try messing with the other nodes as well. Be sure to use the ‘3’ key as well to do some other interesting ‘rolls’.

Now lets play with scale.
You should remove all MOVEMENT nodes for easy viewing. Drop two nodes in the -scale path of the automap.

Grab the second node and scale the automap up by hitting the ‘1’ key. Play script. It should get bigger. Pretty simple.

Now to manipulate x,y,z. as you keep hitting the ‘1’ key, you will cycle through, xyx,x,y,z back to xyz.

USE THE VELOCITY GRAPH! Notice as you move the ‘x’ value a new color coded line removes itself from the regular line. Hit ‘1’ again. Move the ‘y’ value. Hit ‘1’ again, move the ‘z’ value, hit ‘1’ again and now you can move xyz but the previous values are still locked. HANDDEEEEEE!

Now lets start from scratch again and make a script that moves boots.

When you drop the second node for boots, watch how he moves from point to point.

Does he move to slow, move that node (in 3d) further away. Which will speed him up. Now take the 2nd node on the timeline and move it to the right. Now extending the time it takes to get to that point. Play this.

Do you notice how his animation changes speed? This is what we call SMART ANIMATE.
It means that depending on boots velocity, he will change the rate of his animation. This is so that his feet always ‘STICK’ to the ground. If the velocity gets too fast he will switch to his run animation. More on SMART ANIMATE later.

Moving a bipedal character around takes some getting used to. Experiment and get the look that you like.

Just 4 fun, hone yor Skillz:
The Automap is a great model to learn with. Do a fly through with the automap. Create a camera path & -focus that moves around the level. Also include an automap with it’s own focus that moves around the level as well. Make sure there are lots of turns, starts & stops. When the automap turns, include some -roll to make it look like it is banking. It is a lot like animating. (You may notice weird light things happening to it, don’t worry about his for now)

Another cool model is
I move this one around like a vtol helicopter. When it moves forward, it’s nose dips down…. Do that by moving it’s -focus down. When it stops/puts on the brakes, it has to point its nose upward.

Load up map bricksb and go out to the dock area. Watch each ship. Each one has a different way of moving.