Placing Entities On Paths

The moment youíve all been waiting for. Entites. I like to use my old friend the automap.

Start a new script, and place a node in cubic 1. Tell the director to make that node the camera. Drop another node on the camera path. Hit Ď7í. It should place that node directly over the one before it. VERY HANDY!!!

Drag that 2nd node on the timeline to 6 seconds.

Goto a new path. Drop a node a little ways away from the other path. Shift+g down to the -cmd line. Hit CTRL to drop a grey node.

Hit the NODE button. Click on the window and type: Newent=ob_automap;floor=0

Play the script. You should see a handy dandy automap. BUT you are probably NOT looking at it. SO label the camera path as CAM 1 (do you remember how?). Labal the automap path as automap. Goto the cam 1 path and drop a node on itís -focus sub path. Hit Ď1í and slecet automap. Now Play the script. The camera will remain focused on the automap ALWAYS.

Now take the second camera node (at 6 secs) and move it away from the automap. Play script. Camera moves away from automap.

Goto the -cmd line on cubic 2 where it says newent=ob_automap;floor=0Change this to read: (NOTE: you can use Home, End, insert and delete, just like a word program and donít forget pageup is copy and pagedown is paste) Newent=character_boots:floor=0

Play script. Notice you are looking at bootsí feet. That is because that is where his ORIGIN POINT is. The automap has itsí ORIGIN point in the center of his body. You set origin points in lightwave.

Now change floor=0 to read: floor=1

This will draw a trace line directly down from that node till it hits the floor and will place boots there. Play the script to see. This way you donít have to script peopleís origin points, skimming over the floors.

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