Camera Flashes

Fade out, fade in, fade to yellow, quick alpha red camera flash…. All with this command.
It is permanent so you MUST set the screen back to normal!!!!!!

FLASH=[hexvalue,time in secs]
Now before you use it, click on the NODE button. At the bottom left of the screen is a color box and four bars. Click on the bars to find the color AND alpha you want. Look at the text that says color=. That is your 8 digit value. To fade to black use 000000FF.
Flash=000000FF=1 (fades to black in 1 second)
Flash=00000000=.2 (fades BACK to normal) --- YOU MUST USE THIS COMMAND at end of script, UNLESS there is a map change. Map changes will reset the screen.


Now to get a different look to the flashes you can add a nice Overbright look to it. It’s permanent, so you MUST SET IT BACK TO ZERO AT END OF SCRIPT! It does not work with full black.

FLASHSTYLE=[value (1 is alpha type, 0 is regular type)]

Ex. over time