More Useful cmd Commands - Sequence, Closewindow & Gamevar

SEQUENCE=[ape sequence number]
Used Extensively for calling subtitle windows. Also calls APE SWITCHES. DAMN HANDY!!!! USE IT! Check any cine script and look at appropriate APE file to see. Permanent (those windows will stay open).

CLOSEWINDOW=[ape sequence number]
You must close those windows that you opened.
You can close ALL windows by using 0:0, BUT you may have a think switch running and that will close as well causing many problems.

GAMEVAR=[gamevariable, value (0 = unset)]
When you wanna set variables or change some.
Gamevar=ilovejoey,1 set variable ilovejoey to 1.
Gamevar=ilovejoey,9 set variable ilovejoey to 9.
Gamevar=ilovejoey,0 will remove variable entirely.