The Cmnd Line, COPY/PASTE & explanation of USEFUL commands.

We are finally gonna get some use outta that Node button.

Right above the FOV path is the command path.

This could be considered the all-purpose path. When you are getting heavy into directing scenes, all console commands will go here. Say there is a door you want to open, just target that door like a console command, but instead of the console you put it in here. You’ll see.

Drop a node in the command line path. Click on NODE button. Now click on long rectangular square. It turns blue. You can type many commands here.

You can place multiple commands on one node by separating them with a ; semicolon

But it’s a good idea NOT to overload one node. If something seems like it’s not working, try breaking up the commands OVER TIME. DO NOT double nodes up (You’ll notice a 2,3,4,X when nodes are doubled up).

Start a new script

Drop a node at 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0

Click on the 2.0 node, click the NODE button. Type: COPY . (a bogus command). Enter and hit okay.

Now click on 4.0. hit ‘7’, a quick copy of the previous node. Now click on the node button and click on the text. Type THIS. It should read: COPYTHIS. Don’t hit enter, make sure the box is still blue, and the cursor flashing, and hit ‘pageup’. You just copied that text to memory.

Click on node 2.0, Hit ‘insert’ which plopped down a node at 1.0. click on it and hit the NODE button. Click on the box, when cursor appears hit the ‘pagedown’ key. Voila!

Now hit on the ‘home’ button. This returns the to beginning of the text.
Now hit on the ‘end’ button. This returns the to end of the text.

Click on ‘home’ again.

Hit the insert key. This changes the cursor mode like most word programs. Hit the delete key a few times, and don’t forget to use the arrow keys.

Useful for targeting doors, elevators or sound triggers.

Some elevators need pathtargets for 2 way functionaslity, Use this

SKY=[skyname, rotaion value]
To change a sky mid script. THIS command is permament. AND when used it takes a good half second to load in all these textures. Best used when screen is black. And numeric value to put in some rotation to sky.
Check techniques chapter to do some neat tricks.
sky=whitendon -2

FOG=[density, r, g, b, time is ms]
Add fog to a scene. This command is permanent (when script ends fog will stay at this value).
fog=.0001 1 .2 .2 8000 (this will in 8 seconds fade in a subtle reddish fog).

Excellent command for adding screen shake. Permanent. So you MUST return equake values to ZERO by the end of the script. There is no way to lerp between values over time.

MAP=[mapname, FROM(mapname no spaces), CINEMATIC (optional)]
Used at the last node of script. Some maps have many info_player_starts, so you may need to send player to a specific one. CINEMATIC flag means that there will be NO fatima screen.
Map=bricksc frombricksd cinematic

TIMESCALE=[value (0.1 – 6?)]
Slowmotion or fast motion. Warning, going to a value of .1 or lower is scary for code, so says the Squirrel. Permanent, so return to timescale=1 by end of script. VERY important!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way to lerp between timescales over time.

CON=[any console commands]
Pushing console commands is scary, there is a super small possibility they might get skipped. Or so I’ve been told. Try not to use this.

Also an APE command. Permanent. This command sets OVERALL LEVEL lighting. I used this command only in cinematic maps. This was useful in lighting rho’s shuttle when next to different colored Planets.

Also an APE command. Permanent. This command sets OVERALL LIGHTING DIRECTION. I used this command only in cinematic maps. This was useful in lighting rho’s shuttle and rocks when next to a Planet. Check script cine2_end (map cine2).