A brief description of FOV: Hold your arms out so that you are making an approximate 90-degree angle. Everything seen between your hands would be considered a 90 fov in the Anox world. Decrease that angle with your hands to 45-degrees. 45 fov. A knowledge of camera Lenses would be a great help to you here. FOV works in reverse compared to lenses. I.E.: A wide angle camera lens, say a 10mm. Would be about a 110. A 300mm lens is like 20 FOV. Play around to get the desired look.

Subject A is ten feet from the camera. Subject B is 20 feet from the camera but directly behind subject A, but a little off to the side. If Camera A has an FOV of 90, Things would look normal. SEE BELOW.

Look at the FOV 20 Pic. Notice how Subject A and B look like they are really close to each other, and the Background also looks really close to the subjects.

We will want to make a new script to best show how FOV works.

Create a script, save it as "TUT_14"

Make it 1 camera looking at 1 point for 4 seconds. Play it just to see.

Go up to the FOV path right above the director path. Drop a node using CTRL. Now drop another. Move the First Node to 0:00, Move that second Node to 0:04

Select the second FOV Node by clicking on it(2D mode).

Hit ‘1’ to edit. Move mouse up/down. Notice Value changing. THAT is your FOV value.

Make that second node have a value, of 50.

Play the script. The Shot Zooms in, without any camera movement. Change the First FOV node to 120. Now play that. Cool!

Return both FOV nodes to a value of 90.

Now select the second FOV node.

Hit ‘3’ to adjust the velocity. Move the mouse up/down and look at the velocity graph. This is like adjusting the velocity of Roll.

When doing many camera cuts with the director path, you will have to double up your FOV nodes when doing hard cuts/changes to FOV. Above each director node you will usually see a ‘2’ in the FOV paths.

FOV (I believe)is underused in most in engine cut scenes. And it truly is one of the BEST tools for composing shots. USE IT!!!! A Director once told me, “Know your lenses”. He was sooooo Right.