Time Offset

You may have some paths that you wish to start later on the timeline.
Let's change our director node so it will focus on camera 1 first, then cut to camera 2 at 4 seconds. Select the first node on the director path, hit '1' and select camera1. Then select the second node on the director path and set it to camera 2.

Select the first node on Path 1. Now click on the PATH button.

See the time offset box. Click on it. Enter 2 seconds(2.0). Hit return.

Now look at the timeline. You moved the first path, so that it starts at 2 seconds.

But take note that itís Roll Path NOR did itís focus on path 2 change to a 2 second offset. If you play this you will see that camera one will roll before it begins to move. This is because the roll path for path one is still set to start at 0.0 seconds, but it's movement has been offset to 2.0 seconds. So you will also have to offset the focus and roll paths for path 1.
Select the focus path for path 1, click on the Path button, and insert 2.0 for it's offset. Repeat this step for the roll path.

Now Play it back.

The movement, focus, and roll for camera 1 will not start until the timeline reaches 2 seconds. You are Now a monster with time offset.

NOTE: This Could be useful for any number of things, but I never used it. Instead, if I needed a path shifted forward on the timeline, I did the following: THIS IS USEFUL:

When you click on a node, you know how you hold the LMB down to drag the node? Diggit: Hold the Shift key while dragging, and youíll drag EVERY NODE on that timeline. Itís how you can manually offset a channel. It doesn't actually 'offset' a node, but is a shortcut that works pretty much the same. Much goodness.

Save this script as lesson12.