The Director

Ahhhh yes... Thats what you are. The director will tell when to cut to a different camera.

I say cut, you can say switch or move. (The director path could also be called the editor if you wanna think of it that way). It's up 2 u.

Of course we only have one camera path. So lets make another.

And I leave this 2nd camera up to you, but here are the guidelines;

3 rd path we make here should be a camera. and it should do something different AND/OR look at something else. I suggest a travelling shot. NAME it 'CAMERA 2'. Since it is a camera it should be colored RED.

4 th Path will be its focus. NAME it 'CAM 2 FOCUS'. Since this is a focus path it should be colored BLUE, or whatever color scheme you have created.

Make the shot 8 seconds.

Okay... Good luck!

Notice that path 1 has a blue background. This indicates that node 1 has the camera focus during playback.

0:00 0:02

You've probably noticed that you can't see something from the new path when you play it back, But remember that it is certainly there, just NOT visible. Why? Because the default camera focus is Path 1, indicated by the blue background on path 1. Lets change the camera focus for your shot.

Goto the director Path. It's right above 'cubic 1'. You WILL need to use Shift to get there. (y’know, shift+Up/SHIFT+Down or shift+t/shift+g…) OR:

SHIFT+R - auto moves you to the director path from wherever you are. SHIFT+R again will take you back to wherever you were.

Are ya on the director path? Drop A node using CTRL.

Hit '1' to edit. Select Path 3 (Cubic 3, or whatever you named that path).

You just told Planet to view the third Path. ALONG the timeline you will notice the blue strip background is now along the third path. THAT blue path indicates the active camera.

Now Play it back.

Does it look good? Make some adjustments if ya want.

Go back to the director path Using SHIFT+R. Drop another Node using CTRL. Slide that node to 0:04

Click on the second director node. Hit '1'. select 'CAMERA 1' (the first node).

Now look at the timeline. Notice the 2 blue strips. That indicates where the camera is active. so camera is active on the third path for 4 seconds then cuts to 'CAMERA 1' for the rest of the shot.

Play it and you see it cut.

You just made your first cut, edit, directorial choice.

Save this as lesson11.

Move the second director node around and see how it changes things.

Now stand back and look at all 4 paths. slide your 2d hand over the timeline. Notice the Camera icon on the paths switch from path to path at the exact time of the cut. cool & Handy.

Ddrop a node for each HALF-second of time. and have it cut back-and-forth from Camera 1 to Camera 2. Stand back and look how the camera switches when you slide the 2d hand over the timeline. Now play this. Wild, Huh?!?!