Play your script. Same as always... except that damn interface gets in the way.

Cclick on the hide button. BAM! Interface is gone.

OR hit the backspace key to hide or unhide the interface.

Play the script (F5). Ooops. are you still in 2d mouse mode?

Try Playing the script again. Don't forget to hit F8, go 2d and click on unhide.

Now just contemplate how cool Planet looks and feels. and then realize that you still are just brushing the surface. Isn't that exciting?!

Quit from Anox. and start over, but without using the tutorial. Make 2 paths with three nodes each. A red Camera and a Blue focus. Both with names. And make sure the red camera has a roll in it. I'm gonna try it now and time myself staring from when ascript3 is loaded.... I'm back! I did it in 1 Minute 20 seconds. thass 80 seconds. go ahead and do it.

Look at the timeline. Which Node is selected? it doesn't matter. Use the Arrow keys to move around on Nodes.
T, G (Up, down) to change paths +4, -4.
SHIFT+T, SHIFT+G(SHIFT+UP, SHIFT+DOWN) to change paths +1, -1
left, right, to select nodes on the timeline.
Voila! Handy!