Naming Paths / Color Coding

Load the script we have been working on, if you do not currently have it loaded

You should have 2 paths there in map joey. They are both green, since thatís the default colour. Lets make life easier and a little more organized... shall we?

Look at the timeline. Everything is green paths, and grey nodes.

I made my own color coded system for Paths.



YELLOW=SQUIBS (if you donít know what a squib is, Iíll explain it MUCH later)

GREY=VALUE NODES(-roll, -focus, -cmd, -scale nodes)

PURPLE=Anything with a model in it.

GREEN=DEFAULT(everything else)

But the colors are up to you. You can change any of the colors to any color you want to make up your own scheme.

Goto path 1. remember how? T/G (up/down arrow) and/or SHIFT+T/SHIFT+G (SHIFT+UP arrows/SHIFT+DOWN arrow).

Now click on the PATH button at the top of the screen. You should see some tools as depicted here.

NAME - Name your path. Handy for organizing

NAME - Change the name of this path.

TIME OFFSET - Change starting point of Path. We'll play with this later. (I Never had a reason to use this.)

COLOR - Color of the Paths

OPEN FOCUS - We'll get here Later

FLAGS - We'll explain this later too.

Click on the name box. It should go Blue. Delete that stuff in there and type: Camera 1


Notice the nice colorful box. notice the 4 bars. Yes... thasts Red, Green, Blue AND an Alpha. (youíll also see numeric representations of the R,G,B, and A, as well as the Hex values, and whatever the heck ProcVal is.)

Click at the top of the RED Bar. and the bottom of the Green & Blue. The Box should be a nice bright Red.

Click OK

Now look at your 2 paths. Now one is red. Now change Path 2 to Blue and name it 'Cam 2 Focus'

Now I'm gonna assume that you have learned some things. So when I say go to Focus path on cubic 1, path 1's Focus Node... I hope that makes sense to you. NOT to be confused with PATH 2, which IS the focus for path 1.

Hey so um... goto Path 1's Focus node.

Hit '1'. (Remember you are editing what Path 1 will look at)

See the nice big list. What's different?

Path 1 and 2 have names. Cam 2 Focus should already be highlighted. Click on cam 2 focus.

I just wanted to show you how to be organized with naming and colors.

Your timeline should now be full of pretty colors like this: