Saving / Loading

Notice the Buttons on the top of the screen

NEW – loads a blank script called "new.s" from your anoxdata/scripts directory. If there isn’t a "new.s" in there, you can save one from Planet.

FILE - For loading and saving

PATH - to name/color code Paths(I'll cover this in the next lesson)

NODE - to input node commands

HIDE - For hiding the screen and better viewing

What we are gonna deal with now is Saving/Loading.

To Save (this should look familiar):
Go to 2D mode. Click on FILE. Click on the long rectangular box. It'll go blue and you will see a cursor. Type your file name (No extension). Hit return, click on save.

HOME/END/INSERT - When typing in a name, they work the same as they do in a lot of apps:

HOME takes you to the beginning of the file name.

END takes you to the end of the file name.

INSERT toggles between overwrite and insert modes.

To Load:
Go to 2d mode. Click on FILE. Click on the Long rectangular box. Type in the file name. HIT RETURN. Then click on LOAD. Pretty simple stuff.

NOTE: if you only know the first few letters of the filename, a list will pop up showing all scripts that begin with those letters. You can click on one of these if you’re lazy. Now, if your script is tucked away in a subdirectory, you’ll have to enter the subdirectory in the file name. For example, if you told it to load "battle/monster_elpinto/, it would show a list of the scripts from the that subdirectory UNDER anoxdata/scripts.