Get to the -roll path right under 1 cubic.

Drop 3 nodes with CTRL. these are NOT 3D world Nodes, they exist only in time.

Move the first node to 0:00. 2nd node at 0:04, third Node to 0:08


Select the 2nd Roll node on the timeline (the node at 0:04) the info box tells you what you can adjust.

Hit '1'.

You can adjust the value here by moving the mouse up and down.

Notice the velocity graph. there is a line running through the center. Positive number will make the graph go up. Look at the info box, under "VALUE".

Positive numbers = camera rotates Clockwise.

Negative number = camera rotates Counter-Clockwise

Adjust the value to number like 5.

Play this. You may notice the camera ever so slightly rolls clockwise as it passes through this node, then comes back to an up/down position.

Now adjust the third node to a value of -15.

Play this. The camera will roll clockwise as it passes through the node at 0:04, then rolls counter-clockwise to a -15 degrees as it comes to rest at the last node.

Pretty cool, eh!?

Now, grab that second node and give it a value of 180. (Be careful with Super high values)

The velocity graph should look like a bell curve.

Play this. The camera will roll a clockwise 180 degrees(upside down), then roll counter-clockwise to come to a rest at -15 degrees, which we specified on our last node at 0:08. Remember that 0 degrees is straight up and down, so 180 would roll the camera clockwise to an upside down postion. -180 would roll the camera counter-clockwise also to an upside down position. So this goes to show that a 90 would do what? Roll the camera clockwise to rest on it's side. And a -360 would roll the camera counter-clockwise to do a complete spin. Cool huh??

Hit '3' this adjusts the velocity around the node, but NOT the value. It adjusts how the camera does it's clockwise/counter-clockwise roll along the curve. Itís just another little way to tweak the acceleration curve for the roll.

Move the mouse up and down to adjust the rate value. Give it a value of 100.

The best way to understand this is to just watch what happens to the roll value on the graph.

Play it back to get an idea of what it is doing. This only seems to make sense by watching the Velocity Graph.

Try pluggin in different rate values to better understand the "rate" at which the camera rolls. This is one of those things that just takes practice to fully understand.

NOTE: A Focus path would NEVER need a roll value!!

Save and take a break.