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Velocity And The Velocity Graph

Select that node. (the one at 4 seconds, that’s all slow)\

Remember that info box in the upper left hand side of the screen that tells you what you can do with this node: (1) edit pos, (3) edit vel, (5) edit rel, (7) copy pos, (9) center rel.

Hit '3'

This will adjust it's velocity. But it has none, so lets give it some. Click & Hold the RMB. Now drag the mouse to the right. (DRAG IT FAR!!!) an arrow should appear. Notice the NUMERIC VALUE changing in the node info box (VEL=??) on the left of the screen. Now let go of the RMB. Now move the mouse around. See the arrow pointing around. But really notice how the whole path completely changes.

A node looks like a tetrahedron.

Nodes with velocities become pyramids/triangles.

Now this is where velocity can get confusing.

Give that node a velocity value of 50. What this means is that the camera will fly at a speed of 50 THROUGH that node, But ONLY at the EXACT moment it passes through that node.

Play this.

Change the value to 200 and play this.

Now 25 and play this.


Now stand back and look at the whole path. select that middle node, press "3" again, and adjust only the direction of the velocity (as opposed to RMB-dragging and changing the amount of the velocity) of that middle node. This changes the yaw and pitch when passing through this node. Look closely at the first and last nodes. Look at the paths as you move the mouse around. This is where velocity becomes interesting. The yaw, and pitch of any node effects the paths of the surrounding nodes. REMEMBER THAT. Give it high values, low values, ridiculous angles and keep your eye on the WHOLE PATH.

See that chart up on the top right? That's the velocity graph. Play with the value of the middle node and see also how the graph responds. If you move the 2d cursor over the timeline you can get a rough idea of where the value is at any giving position/time.

The chart displays exactly what the timeline sees.

Click on that center node, and adjusts its velocity so that ON THE GRAPH it looks ike a nice arc. Play this back. feel the speed of the camera. play it again and watch the graph. Is it making sense whats going on?

The camera might have a nice curve, depends on what kind of path you made.

There is an art to velocity. So spend a lot of time with this. Keep playing around, What I have found is that your Intuition improves with this.

JUST FOR FUN/HONE YOUR SKILLZ: Run around the level and Stop and hit CTRL. then move somewhere else, STOP and hit CTRL. Maybe drop like 15 nodes. Now take a look at this madness. Play it back. Whoa!!! The camera will keep stopping and starting. Now, go through each node and smooth out the camera path. Much nicer.

NOTE: If you’re MOVING while you drop a node, this node will have velocity automatically. It’s a neat feature, but I almost Never used it. Velocity is such a finesse issue, you can’t just run around and have it work.

Delete all the nodes after 8 seconds, taking us back to our original 3 node path.

You may wanna save… (There will be a tutorial on all this, soon… this is the short version.) Go into 2D mode, click on the button marked "SAVE", and enter the filename you want. A new script with that name will be saved in your anoxdata/scripts directory.

You've probably noticed by now that the camera is always pointing directly forward. It yearns to have something to look at.