Inserting a Node

Move to a position near the middle of the path (in the 3d world). Click on the last node. Now hit the INSERT key. You've just dropped a node directly in the middle of that path, at 4 seconds. They’re still dropped from WHERE you are when you drop them, but you’ll see on the timeline that they always show up WHEN they’re exactly halfway between the selected node and the node before it (whereas CTRL creates a node one second AFTER the last node on the timeline). You can always hit the DELETE key to delete a node.

Sorry for being so obtuse. We’re dealing with a lot of dimensions here, and it’s hard to explain that we mean "Halfway in time" as opposed to "halfway in space". Bear with us.

Anyway, so now you should have three Nodes making a path.

one node at 0:0, one at 4:0, one at 8:0.

Now of course I don't know what yours looks like. but I hope it looks like 2 straight lines.

Play this. the camera moves forward, slows down at the 4 second mark, then starts back up again. The reason it slows down is because that second node at 4 seconds has no velocity. Lets fix that.