The Timeline

You can also select nodes on the timeline. But first letís put your mouse into 2D mode. Click the Middle Mouse Button (or press Tab. You know the drill by now).

Now Click on the first node on the timeline (the one at 0:00... it looks like a green box). Click AND HOLD on that node a second time. What you are looking for is the words "Selection on" to appear at the top left corner of the screen. Now move the mouse left or right. Voila! You can move the location of the node on the timeline.

(There is a thing called an open node, we will learn that later. Click & Hold on the first node and move it back into that empty square at time 0:00. if it doesn't move right in, un click and then re-click and hold and try again. Don't forget to send your complaints to Joey, He loves them. Sometimes this takes a few tries.

Also, You can drag a node on top of another node. When you do this, the node will have a little "2" on it. Drag another node, and itíll have a "3". We donít need to double up nodes yet, so letís not.

Okay. Hereís a picture of what weíve got.

Take the ending node on cubic 1 and drag it up to 8:0.

Now play this (F5). If you canít play the cinematic, you are probably in 2D mode. hit the MMB to switch back to 3D mode and try playing now.

Did you hit F8 to stop it? just checking.

Notice the camera moves a lot slower. This camera path now takes 8 seconds to get from the beginning to the end.

Now click MMB to go back to 2D mode. Click anywhere on the timeline with the RMB. drag mouse left and right. This scrolls the entire timeline to the left and right.

Now HOLD THE SHIFT KEY and hold the RMB over the timeline and drag the mouse left and right. The timeline will compress or expand.

Play with this...

Extend the 2 node path to 40 seconds.

Play this. Pretty SLOW! (You can abort playback by pressing F8 before script playback is finished)

Now bring it back to 8 seconds.

Cool feature: Move back enough to see the whole path (If you canít move, you are in 2d mode). NOW go into 2d mode and move the 2d mouse cursor over the timeline. You can see exactly where the camera will be. VERY HANDY!!! This works for Any active path, although the camera path has a cute lilí camera model.