Modifying a Path


See the 2 parentheses ( ) in the middle of the screen? That is your selector area. Move around and put a green node in that selector area in front of you. Hit SPACEBAR. You just selected that node. The timeline will move to center that node in the middle.

Notice there is a purple arrow in the bottom right of the screen. This is a directional arrow pointing towards the current selected node. Sometimes nodes are hard to find, and this arrow comes in handy. Also note that when you select a node, purple arrows move into the node. These moving arrows are another tool to help you find the node youíve selected. Select another node to see what Iím talking about.

Now that a Node is selected, letís move it around. Notice that there is an info box in the upper left hand side of the screen that tells you what you can do with this node: (1) edit pos, (3) edit vel, (5) edit rel, (7) copy pos, (9) center rel.

Hit Ď1í

You are now in Position mode. Move the Mouse Around. Hold Ctrl while moving the mouse around and notice how fast the node moves. The Ctrl key helps move nodes over long distances quickly.

Hold the Shift key. The node now moves slowly (used for fine tuning).

How to move a node in 3D space: Look at your node. Imagine drawing a line to that node. Now imagine a flat plane perpendicular to that line (If you donít know what perpendicular means, look it up or learn Geometry). The node moves on this imaginary plane. I.E. the node moves relative to the way youíre looking at it.

Now hold the Right Mouse button. Move the mouse up and down. Up will move the node away from you, and down moves it closer to you.

Practice moving the node around to get the feel of it. When youíve found your new position, lock it down by clicking the Left Mouse Button.

Notice that thing below all this mess. Thatís the timeline.