Models Introduction

I bet a lot of you are saying "Finally someone has made some documentation for models!". :)

I would like to give a big huge THANK YOU to Laguna. Without the little scraps of information I gathered from his website after it went down I doubt I could have created these documents.

From the start of my editing Anachronox I wanted to work on model making. I had been creating models for a few years and wanted to make some for Anachronox. I found out shortly after beginning work on Anachronox that nobody knew how to import models . A few people were saying you could if you were using Lightwave 5.6. I didn't know how to use Lightwave 5.6 and didn't want to learn it. I tried unsucessfully to use Lightwave 5.6 to get models into Anachronox. The problem I kept running into was lw2md2 requiring a .uv along with your models .lwo file. And I couldn't figure out how to create a .uv file until Laguna released his MilkShape uv exporter plugin.

My primary modeling package is 3D Studio Max. But at the time there was no way to import a .3ds model(Until now).

In these documents I will show you how to export a model from 3D Studio Max and Gamespace to Milkshape. Then export the model from Milkshape to create the .lwo and .uv files required by lw2md2 to convert a model into a .md2 file used by Anachronox.

I will not teach you how to create a model itself. If you are using 3D Studio Max, or Gamespace I suggest you head over to 3DBuzz and download thier free and totally awesome Max modeling videos. These will get you started in Polygonal Box Modeling for 3D Studio Max. However I will include simple models for Max and Lightwave that I will be using throughout the tutorials.

I will not teach you how to use UlimateUnwrap. Laguna suggested using this program for making UVs but the UV exporting plugin he created unfortunatly only works with one version of the program.

Things to remember: Maximum polygons is 4096, and max vertexes is 2048.

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