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Embedded video has been changed correctly this time. Firefox users should now be able to view any videos in the documentation.

Anachrodox size is now 4.38Gb. I am now test hosting the entire Anachrodox with all videos on my home computer. I do not have a hostname, so I am redirecting everyone from to my WAN IP address. If everything goes right I will be hosting the site myself from now on, and possibly finishing these docs.

Check out the Planet Scripts, and Particles sections of the Appendix to see the videos.

DID YOU KNOW?: You can right click any video and select ZOOM->FULL SCREEN to watch the video in: scream your ass off 16:9 full high definition 3d widescreen? Err.. well... close to it anyway!



This is not a News page. I do not note changes I have made to the documentation. If you want to know if I have made an update to a specific document section, then go look. :P


Part of the fun of games like Anachronox is the ability to add to your own ideas to a favorite game and then have others play and enjoy them. While the technical skills needed to create a 3D graphic engine is beyond many game fans, the skills and equipment necessary to make modifications to the game are not. It has become the custom of many game developers to share their development tools with the public. This allows fans make their own game content. The IONRadiant editor is the software used by the designers at ION Storm to create the areas in Anachronox. In fact, it's an improvement on that editor, since it contains features that have been added since the game was completed. If you are familiar with IONRadiant's immediate ancestor, the QeRadiant editor for Quake 2, then a good share of what's in this manual will be old hat to you. Whether you are a veteran mapmaker or new to the art of making game arenas, we think you will find some indispensable information in this manual.

Unfortunately the company went belly up and the tools and documentation were never completed.That's really too bad since the child Tom created could have launched a whole new genre of RPG style games for the PC. Wrong place, wrong time, what's past is past, I guess..
These documents are no longer maintained by the original authors or the Anachronox Team. It is now the duty of the Anachronox community to update these documents to expand them, so people will have a better understanding of editing Anachronox.

The original version of these dox was 1.2 and maintained by TheZealot. They were choppy and left many gaps explaining how to edit Anachronox. Many thanks go out to TheZealot. Without him we may never have had any documentation for Anachronox.
If you are wanting to modify a 3D game, then you have found the best there is. Out of my 20+ years of modyfing games, Anachronox is diffenatley the most MODifiable game I have come across, without having the actual source code for the program.

This new release of the Anachrodox was compiled and partially rewrttien, or added to by William "Creaper" Johnson.
I have gathered all kinds of documentation from various sites about Anachronox, most of which was originally included in the AnachroDox 1.2 documentation. Some of the information included was very hard to find and I will include the names of the authors when I can. If I leave out your name, please let me know and I will update these docs to give credit to the rescpectful authors of the data.

Currently some of the documentation is incorrect. I have been proof reading and correcting any mistakes in the documentation itself, or modifying tool source code or binary files to reflect the documentation.

Install programs will be made for all of the editing tools, so everything is auto configured. Currently only the AnachroRadiant Installation program is partially completed. Eventually I plan to create an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Anachronox editing. An IDE wouldn't be too hard to make by tying it into all of the previously created editing tools.

Please feel free to email me any suggestions you may have or any bugs you find with this release to

Excerpt from the original documentation:

These documents are maintained by Lucas "TheZealot" Davis. They represent a joint effort by the entire Anachronox team. I would like to give a word of thanks to my fellow teammates for going beyond the call of duty long after the ghost should have probably been given up. I also want to thank all the gamers for their patience. Believe me, if we had our way you would have gotten all of this a lot sooner and a lot prettier, but hey better late than never, right?

We hope that you enjoy these tools. If you have any questions that are not answered in these docs, then please drop by the Planet Anachronox forums, where several members of the team go on occasion.

     So you want to modify Anachronox, eh? Excellent! However before you get started there are a few things you should know. First of all we have always intended to release our tools to the community after the game had shipped. Unforutunately though, we ran out of funding and closed shop before we could do so. Still, as you can see, we have plowed on regardlessly, as Anachronox has always been a lobor of love. However this does mean a few changes from the ideal solution we had planned.

     One of the biggest things you may notice is the varying color schemes and authoring methods of these pages. During the project all of the team members usually documented information along thier areas of expertese. This meant that lots of people were writing docs with no real set standard for writing them. This has left a set of very different layouts and color schemes. We had wanted to unify them, but since the most important thing now is just getting the data out, that won't be happening.

     The next problem you might encounter is a lot of these docs are old... Anachronox has changed tremendously over the years, tools have been re-written from scratch, and commands have undergone facelift after facelift. We have tried to comb through these docs and get them as up to date as possible, but at the end of the day, there may have been stuff we missed. Keep that in mind.

     Now while these docs are a great reference for command names and specific information, I would highly reccomend just getting your hands dirty in the game. Disecting Anachronox and the files within are going to be the best learning example you can find for many editing procedures. Also, never be afraid to crack open any source file. The GDB, Planet, BED, .map files, and pretty much all code files in Anachronox all have standard text files as their source. Don't let the extensions fool you, crack them open in a text editor. While we do have excellent tools, sometimes a text editor is just the easiest and cleanest way to do something.

     Among the things we really truley wanted to fix, but were not able to is a bug in NoxDrop, our in-engine entity placer. This bug will occasionally corrupt .map files when you save them. You can read the introduction in the NoxDrop section for more information on how to work your way around this bug. (NoxDrop documentation was not included in this release of the build due to lack of time. Look for it in the next release.)

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