GDB Intro

     The GDB is the game database that keeps track of numerous things in the game including items, mystech, battleskills, quests, weapons, monsters, and more. It basically consists of numerous files in the Anachronox directory tree, (usually with a .gdb extension), that contain text entries that describe the previously mentioned elements of a game. Let's look at a few examples.


#object HealGrease Complete
type string		"item"
classname string "get_healgreasecomplete"
buy_value int 500			
desc string "Complete heal of person, or adjacent person in battle."
effect string "add_hp=9999"
use_script string "battle/items/healgrease"
use_target string "party"

Lets take a look at what the above means:


#quest Get Your Camera
area string "Anachronox"
type string "sub_quest"
desc string "Get the camera off your desk."
xp_shares	float	1
quest_parent string "Fatima Stop"

Lets take a look at what the above means:

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