Enemy Creation


Enemy creation
These documents were originally written by Laguna in 2005? They have been corrected and expanded on by Creaper.

Ok, before we start putting a new enemy in Anachronox together we will need to have a few files already prepared. These files we will substitute with ones already included with Anachronox.

- A model of your enemy (with animations). For information on creating your own models, see the section on Models.
- A few sounds (attack / hit / death). For information on creating your own sounds, see the section on Sounds.

Before we start you should also plan out how you want your enemy to 'behave' in a battle, e.g He/She/It could be a very small timid enemy who attempts to run away from the player in battle whenever possible, or it could be a HUGE beast who moves toward you whenever it can and beats the crap out of everyone.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way we can start putting everything together and hopefully get a new fully functional enemy into Anachronox.
Ill be a little abstract here, but I hope its still easy to understand.

Your enemy will actually split into 3 individual parts.

  1. The GDB Object: this could be called the 'glue' that brings it together.
  2. Monster AI: this would be the brains.
  3. Battle Scripts: Planet scripts to be called when the enemy attacks, gets attacked, and when it dies.

Alright, now lets go into some detail about each of these parts.