Battle EDitor

Welcome to the new the new documentation on creating your very own battles for Anachronox.
Study of this section will teach you how to create your own monster(s), build an artificial intelligence, create Planet attack and death animations, and how to create a battle arena.



  1. A model of your monster(s). These documents will use a pre built monster included with Anachronox. See Models for information on creating your own models.
  2. Attack, hit, and death sounds for your monster(s). These documents will use a pre built sounds included with Anachronox. See Sounds for creating sounds.
  3. Knowledge of APE for creating the AI system is extremely helpful. See APE for learning how to program in APE.
  4. Knowledge of Planet scripting is extremely helpful. See Planet for learning how to create your own in-game animations.
  5. Knowledge of AnachroRadiant and your own maps to trigger your battle is preferred. For these documents I will supply you with a pre built .map and a compiled .bsp map to use.


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