Name: Democratus
Real Name: The planet of Democratus
Aliases: "eight-ball"
Occupation: Being a planet!
Weapon: Crystals (laser beams)
WorldSkill: Tractor Beam

Democratus is a giant planet who joins your team about midway through the game. It's skills include shooting laser beams at enemies, pulling far away objects into close range with it's tractor beam, and having the ability to shrink down to size along with expanding at will. After the party became lost in space by means of entering a sender spike, they are rescued at last by the planet of Democratus.

Democratus is made up of two sets of people, the Ring-Dwellers and the Planet-Dwellers. The Planet-Dwellers live on the surface of Democratus and are the lower class. The higher class are the Ring-Dwellers, who live on a giant ring encircling the planet. The Ring-Dwellers are ruled by a body of eight Democratans called the Council. They lead the Planetary voting and decide all important things. The capital of Democratus is Votowne, which is located on the Ring.

Entity Information:
The default model for Democratus

Predefined keys set in /models/entity.dat

Model Path: models/democratus/democratus.mda
Scale x: 1.0
Scale y: 1.0
Scale z: 1.0
Entity Type: playerchar
Box x_min: -12
Box y_min: -12
Box z_min 0
Box x_max: 12
Box y_max: 12
Box z_max: 64
Noshadow: shadow
Solid Flag: 1
Walk Speed: 100.0
Run Speed: 100
Speed: 8
Lighting: 1
Blending: 0
Target Sequence: 5005:1
Misc Value: 0
No Mip: 0
Spawn Sequence: none
Description: Democratus

Availible AnachroRadiant Keys:

203 10 0
Location in map (x y z)

AnachroRadiant Spawn Flags: