Appendix Introduction


Just to keep in compliance.....

Here you will find various Anachronox definations. Data formats, script lists, model information, etc...
This section is for informational purposes.

Note to myself... Entities defined in gamex86.dll:

@† L† P†À  T†X d†d x†d ˆ†t ”†t ¢†0  ¤†4  ¦†8  ¨†<  °†º ¼†@  ĆD  ̆”  Ô†(  à†,  ì†x  ô†„  ü† ‡ ‡ info_player_start func_plat func_button func_door func_door_rotating func_rotating func_train func_water func_conveyor func_areaportal func_wall func_fog func_particle trigger_always trigger_once trigger_multiple trigger_relay trigger_push trigger_counter trigger_elevator trigger_gravity trigger_watercurrent target_speaker target_lightramp worldspawn viewthing light sun spew modellight dirlightsource info_null func_group info_notnull path_corner beam_target path_grid_center effect_sprite trigger_changelevel trigger_battle trigger_console trigger_console_once trigger_music info_battle_posp info_battle_pose info_battle_cam info_battle_node info_battle_manager info_trash_generator info_bug_generator ob_sewagecrates ob_sewageexplode func_ridebox info_party_start ¨Œp§¼Œ¢V ÈŒß_ ÔŒ>j àŒ$o ôŒ\ Ձ ¥t %‡ ,©¡ <’¯ Hdx Tdy d<ftšd„£c˜Se¨k¸fȍ+† ܍Skì aŽðMŽR(Žk74Žæ @Ž¨ HŽº© LŽ¼¬ TŽ{ª `Žˆ« pŽÕ¦ |ŽÕ¦ ˆŽ˜§ ˜Žs¤ ¤ŽÁ¥ °ŽॠÄŽ†° ÔŽ,g莥gøŽªi(j Sj0¿‡ Dë‡ Xˆ hCˆ |oˆ ï]¨ ‚¼"² ̏k´ àeŠ ðp§ char charfly charhover charroll effect pickup container keyitem scavenger trashspawn bugspawn general bipidri sprite playerchar noclip floater À‘ È‘ Б Ü‘ è‘ ð‘ ø‘ ’

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