The STAB_Create function allocates memory for a STAB object and returns a handle to it.

extern STAB_Create
  floatvar handle   // handle to STAB


[out] Variable that receives a handle to the STAB object. Subsequent calls to other STAB functions (such as STAB_Append) should use this value.


No error checking is performed for out-of-memory conditions. Usually, handle is a small non-negative integer, but it should never be directly manipulated by the APE script.

When you are finished with the STAB object, you should call STAB_Destroy using the value in handle. When a level exits, all STAB objects are automatically destroyed.


extern STAB_Create handle
// Do some stuff with the STAB object,
// and then, when you are done...
extern STAB_Destroy handle