Welcome to the AnachuWiki.

This is a place for people, coders, reverse engineers, etc… to post information they know about MODing Anachronox. A place for us to collaberate and learn various methods, post information and create new tools to MOD Anachronox. Any information posted, and tools created through AnachuWiki will be tested and eventually intergrated into the Anachrodox.

I would like to welcome back Laguna to the Anachronox editing scene. With his reapperance I have decided to host the Anachrodox project on my home computer as well as add this Wiki and some forumns.

Now those who are hard core Anachronox MODders will not have to depend on planetanachronox for thier needs.

Guests cannot make posts to the Wiki like they can on the forums, but feel free to create an account on the Wiki as well, it doesn't require email verification either(yet).

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